Ultimate Android clipboard solution – Everywhere Clipboard


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Everywhere Clipboard extends Android clipboard function and brings real desktop clipboard experience to you on mobile phone. Imagine a clipboard panel that you can quickly locate, copy, paste, and delete from clipboard history without leaving your current window.  It works like Smart Taskbar. So if you are long time user of Smart Taskbar, you should already  know how it works and how handy it is.

Unlike other clipboard apps found in Android Market, Everywhere Clipboard quick panel can be used anywhere in any window instantly and can be hidden at any time too and that makes it superior than any other existing solution. It also reads txt file for copy and paste action too!

If you are a heavy email or note taking user, you will find Everywhere Clipboard increase your productivity to next level. Thanks to its desktop like clipboard solution.

☆ Instant on, always available clipboard panel
☆ Manage content to copy from files/folders
☆ Built in note editor for quick file creation
☆ Easy to use folder management
☆ Supports both clipboard history based or file based copy
☆ More to come………….


Smart Taskbar V1.1.4 Release Note


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(1) Refresh button now can update App name when locale is changed


Note:  I tried to fix the notorious “something is wrong. Please refresh” But in this and 1.1.3 release.  If you are still experiencing this error, please me know. Thanks!

Smart Taskbar V1.1.3 Release Note

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(1) Better APP2SD support in this version