Smart Taskbar V1.0.1&V1.0.2 Release Note


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I just realized I forgot to update V1.0.1 release note today. So please allow me to combine release note of both version.

(1) Incorrect App label name in Task switch list for Google Map

(2) Enabled access of Build Custom action in Free version with limitation of 5 entries.


Smart Taskbar V1.0.0 Release Note


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Finally it is 1.0.0 !!!! I was busy on my other Android Market Project, Button Savior, during last 2 weeks. I started the development of V1.0.0 since last month and was interrupted by the development of Button Savior a bit. In addition, this update ain’t easy because of the new build custom action feature.

Back to the topic, what is build custom action? It is just my own name of Android Shortcut. So officially, you can now build whatever shortcut and add it into Smart Taskbar’s floating panel now. Just click on Add New icon on Smart Taskbar and go to Custom Action label to add yours. (Requires Pro Key to activate)

In addition to custom action, I also added a new feature borrowed from Button Savior for easy trigger icon placement adjustment.

(1) Label not shown without a refresh on 1.5
(2) Fixed add popup doesn’t work in Widget setting window.

(1) Now set default Trigger Icon style to square

(1) Added ability to build Custom Action (Need Pro)
(2) Added ability to change Trigger Icon Position
(3) Added New Trigger Icon style, Square.

Button Savior V1.0.9 Release Note


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Today, I published a Button Savior Pro Key alone with the release of V1.0.9. After getting the Pro key installed, you will automatically unlock the ability to rearrange/hide/show individual button.

(1) Modified Froyo theme to 52×52 graphics and removed all gaps between buttons
(2) Rearranged preference
(3) Facelift Button Savior panel style a bit (Very hard to notice the difference except on Froyo theme)
(4) Moved Power Button to first menu and move search to second menu.

(1) More timeout option

(1) FC when pressing trigger icon quickly as soon as preference is saved