Smart Taskbar V1.0.5 Release Note


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Due to flooding number of complaints on removal of Running Task option in V1.0.4. So I now added it back and renamed Recent Task to Recent + Running task. In addition to that, I also updated the display logic of both running Task and Recent+Running Task logic to reflect true process/task status.

However, if you compare the list of Recent Task V.S Recent + Running Task, you might notice that there are more app with running status in Recent + Running Task than Running Task. Also, you might also find Recent + Running Task list display a bit strange because it shows app you just closed by pressing back button as Running. In my investigation so far, App with running status actually still holds its process in memory. In the other words, Recent + Running Task display shows more accurate info than running task and I recommend ST user to use this option.

(1) Bring back running app option
(2) Modified running/recent+running task display logic (Nook reader now can display)
(3) Renamed recent task to recent + running task

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Smart Taskbar V1.0.4 Release Note


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(1) FC after adding/removing app
(2) FC after editing App group

(1) Removed Task Switcher display option
(2) Combined Recent Task and Running App into one list.

(1) Badge indicating running app (Refer to screenshots)

Smart Taskbar V1.0.3 Release Note


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I was quite busy recently and therefore was unable to do frequent update like before. So please forgive me for slower update and email support.

(1) Ability to hide/show All App tab.
(2) Ability to edit app group from within Taskbar Panel by long pressing of app icon (and choose edit).