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I am now updating maybe the last update for Smart Taskbar V1 today. The development of Smart Taskbar V2 is near its end. I will first release a public preview on Playstore in maybe end of March for bug and issue solving. I have delayed the project from my previous promised deadline of end of 2012 to end of Jan, and then Feb… and finally March due to increasing complexity in my design. And I was too stupid to started the project by completely rewriting the code instead of improving from old one that I have spent nearly 2 years on. Now I finally understand what agile methodology is in software development. My next project after Smart Taskbar V2 will be Button Savior V2 and I will not make same kind of mistake again. I will start from old code and improve daily and slowly.

Back to the topic. Smart Taskbar V1.2.12 includes following bug fixes

(1) Fixed widget viewer layout problem
(2) Fixed direct call failure in newer devices