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I will now use 1 or 2 months of time to upgrade Button Savior to 2.0 from today. V1.7.0 is my first step. The most obvious change in V1.7 is the overhaul of trigger icon position mechanism. Now you can change trigger icon Position by free dragging the icon to new position you want. If you want more precision, the old Trigger icon position setting is also improved with more trigger icon orientation options with wider seeker bar for finer control of its position.

(1) Trigger icon is now free floatable. Just hold on trigger icon and move quickly to change to new position
(2) New HD quality default trigger icon
(3) Trigger icon position setting is improved with finer control options
(4) Many bug fixes
(5) Swipe trigger now supports swipe from both sides (Pro only)

v170a-1 429-01