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Before you install the APK, I hope you can read below message completely to fully understand what you will get in this APK because it is not fully finished . It is important to know what are the problems before you try it and thanks for trying out the first beta preview. I will constantly update my app from now on for any new update I make until it is fully finished.

Today, I finally finished all functions that were planned to show up in the first official release of ST V2. So I think it is a good time to start public beta to hear your feedback before I official launch it. I’d like to fine tune the App a bit before official launch. In addition, I haven’t finished the UI in main window part. So please don’t be shocked to find it very engineer style looking because they are actually wireframe that I left intentionally for my designer to work on her graphics. Since it is a complete code rewrite, so I am actually kind of nervous on its stability even though I haven’t seen any so far.

Generally, the App still has two parts, the floating window part and the main App window part. The floating window part is all complete except the sort order icon located at the top bar area. Rest of them are the final look that you will see in my final delivery unless it is truly awful to see in most people’s eyes. The main window part is all complete only in features but zero completion in UI. But I think I can finish the UI in two weeks.

[What’s new in V2]
(1) You can drag and drop to assign item to labels and quick launch by gesture. But you need to long press and choose ‘Move’ to enter edit mode first.
(2) There are 3 types of sort filter to choose from, by installation time, by usage frequency, and by default.
(3) You can now create folder by moving one item on top of the other item in editor mode. So far no limit in number of items in folder. But I will very likely to limit it to 12 in final delivery.
(4) Trigger icon can now free float
(5) Trigger icon can auto dim
(6) Tablet optimized
(7) Label reorder is now gesture driven
(8) Uses even less RAM than V1
(9) Many small features that are very hard or not too interesting to point out.

[Features that I will add after official launch]
(1) Able to assign folder, widget to quick launch
(2) Able to drag and drop folder to other folder
(3) A way to discover/organize newly install app
(4) …. waiting for your input

[Download link]

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