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First of all. Sorry for my lack of app maintenance during the past few weeks. I also feel so bad to those who sent me email without getting prompt reply also. I was super busy on a CES demo project in my day job. Today, I am finally freed from that.

In 2011, I published 2 more new apps (Everywhere clipboard and Invisible Grip) and 1 extension plug in for Smart Taskbar. Some of them are very well received from Android community and I am very happy about that. In addition to that, I also added some cool features such as ability to remap soft keys in Button Savior and handful of new things in Smart Taskbar. As the end of 2011 is near. So I think it is time to think and talk about apps that I want to make in 2012.

(1) Smart Taskbar V2.0 – Generally, I want to overhaul the original design and throw in more cool features such as ability to use drag and drop to arrange apps into category, new user interface with new user experience design, ability to use gesture more, and perhaps feature to adpot multi level categories instead of single level as the current one. Of course, the plan is still not finalized. So more features will come in.

(2) An new app for improving usability of Android devices when app is running in full screen mode. Since it is still a unreleased product. So I don’t want to talk about this new app too much.

(3) Button Savior 2.0?? I am still not sure whether I should do this one. If I did, I think I will add feature for adding more custom controls such as vol, mute….etc. And also will rethink a better way to trigger Button Savior.

If any of you have any new app idea or my current apps improvement, please don’t hesitate to send me an email to discuss about that at . Finally, I really appreciate those who gave me ideas, reported bugs, provided new themes, purchased my apps as a support of my work, helped me to debug, and wrote app reviews on their blog.  Without you, I don’t even have a chance to make my apps that far.  Now, lets enjoy the last few days left in 2011 and look forward a better year in 2012. Happy new year!