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If you really find my app useful and fall in love with it, please don’t forget to rate it on Market. I recently received lots of  1 star rating during past two weeks. Now I am considering to unpublish the free version and make it complete paid app if the rating is still going like this for next few weeks. I really don’t understand why people behave so unreasonable when the app is free. On the other hand, my rating of the Smart Taskbar Pro key is doing very well with only 2 one star rating ever since.

I understand the ugly and confusing main setting UI might be the cause.  So this time, I spent a week to study and design how to make it easy to navigate while still looking good. I hope I can change the poor rating trend with this update.

Also, I need to apologize to some users that I broke my promise to bring back topbar option in this update. I will put it back next week.

(1) Redesigned main setting window (Easier and more logical to navigate)
(2) Moved help, about, change log to option menu (Menu shown by pressing menu key)