2 Steps instant access to any app in your Android phone

Smart Taskbar is a – super launcher, task switcher, and also an app organizer that you can quickly call up anywhere without leaving current running app by swipe the edge of screen or by clicking a transparent trigger icon on screen. In most cases, you can complete app launching in 2 finger clicks (1st swipe, and 2nd click on app icon to launch). Possibly the fastest way to quickly launch or switch between applications.

One thing good about this is that it doesn’t hijacks your home button for activation nor does it require you to drag down status bar and click on something to activate. The user experience with this app is purely tocuh based.

It is possibly first in its class, compared to rest of home replacement, app launcher, and task switcher in Android Market.Once get use to this app, you can launch application just like firing a fully automatic machine gun. You want to launch browser, swipe click and bang you are there.

Smart Taskbar comes with following features
(1) 5 speedy launch spots for 2 steps quick launch
(2) App organizer function built in
(3) Task switch
(4) super speedy launcher
(5) Software home button (To prevent H/W home button from tear and wear)
(6) True multitask experience!

Reason why to use Smart Taskbar:
(1) Free up your home screen for more widgets instead of app shortcuts
(2) A better way to organize app in to groups
(3) Need a faster way to launch your app
(4) Missing the multi tasking in Palm Pre
(5) Don’t want to press hardware button too frequently