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In this release, I’v fixed database inconsistency bug and some potential crash issue. In addition, I’v provided a new UI customization feature in setting for changing top bar replacement (Close, Home, Refresh, Setting).

(1) Able to hide app in All App label finally
(2) Option in setting for choosing top bar placement (Left, Right, and both sides)
(3) Shows labels assigned to each app in edit App screen.

(1) Refresh function now can delete/update/insert app into app list if there is database inconsistency. For example, you can use it to fix app missing in Smart Taskbar.
(2) Swipe mode now shows in full screen. (Actually, it was not a bug. I did it intentionally)

(1) Editing app label doesn’t reflect the change after saving it.
(2) Editing app will result in force closed when switching to manage label tab