Today, I officially closed up most non English regions support of Smart Taskbar due to unreasonably high 1 star rate which make me feel no respect at all. I don’t understand why but a lot of non English region users tend to hate my work with unknown reason.

I started developing this app since my wife was 7 month pregnant. Now, I have a 4 month old infant to sit. I work at day and sit my kid at night. I only have time to work on Smart Taskbar while you guys are sleeping. Now I look back those day I spent on developing Smart Taskbar, I feel like it is a mission impossible job and I don’t know how I managed to squeeze up time to develop this far.

If you suddenly lose Smart Taskbar support in Market, I am sorry. I have no intention to turn Market support back on in your region again because I don’t want anymore no respect, disgrace, and discouragement.