(1) Does Smart Taskbar drain battery?
No, It doesn’t. It doesn’t actively listen to any kind of system state and therefore will not use extra battery power. If you have system monitor application installed, such as SystemPanel, you should be able to check power consumption of Smart Taskbar by yourself. In addition, the built in power consumption can also be used to track how Smart Taskbar performance.

(2) Does Smart Taskbar slow down phone?
No. When Smart Taskbar is hidden, it doesn’t use any CPU power at all because it doesn’t do any kind of update, monitoring job at all. Some people might observe that Smart Taskbar becomes slow to respond sometimes. It is because you are using CPU intensive app and trying to expand the Taskbar at same time. It is same idea as opening Status bar while doing CPU intensive job. You will of course get slower response if your phone is already overloading.

(3) Is Smart Taskbar going to be free forever?
Yes. I have no plan to put it commercial. But I’ll put a donation link later for those who want to remove Ads from Smart Taskbar. There will be no functional difference in both version.

Ask me more by leaving comment. I will update this FAQ frequently if there is something new and informative.